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Incontinence Products Selection Guide

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             *Underwear = Pull-Up Style Underwear  *Briefs = Diaper Style Briefs with Tab Enclosures

A How to Guide to Determining an Effective Level of Incontinence Protection

Step One

Determining Level of Incontinence

Light Incontinence:

Slight dribbling and occasional urine release. (Typically 2-6 ounces of fluid leakage)

Moderate Incontinence:

Larger release of urine but not quite at the level of emptying a full bladder. (Typically 6-14 ounces of fluid leakage)

Heavy Incontinence:

The release of a full bladder in the daytime. (Typically 14-30 ounces of fluid leakage)

Maximum or Complete Incontinence:

The full release of urine or bowels throughout the day and night. Requires the highest absorbency and quality of products to offer the necessary skin protection due to longer periods of time between changing as well as effectively protecting against leakage all day long and throughout the night. (Typically 24-90 ounces of fluid leakage)

Fecal Incontinence:

The loss of bowel control. Mild to moderate fecal incontinence can be protected with Moderate Underwear or Diaper Briefs. Heavier fecal incontinence will require Heavy Daytime Underwear or Diaper Briefs and complete bowel incontinence will require Overnight Underwear or Overnight Diaper Briefs. Many users experiencing fecal incontinence prefer the Diaper Briefs over the Pull-Up Underwear.

For people who need assistance to the bathroom and/or those who are bedridden use the next higher level of Incontinence Protection.

Step Two

Selecting the Correct Size


Carefully measure around the waist and around the hips. Use the larger of the two measurements when selecting a size.

Determining the Correct Size:

Using the larger measurement, select the size based on the sizing information in the productís description. Please remember each brand and/or style can have a slightly different fit and measurement for a particular size.  You MUST be within the range of the Waist/Hip measurements for the size of the particular product that you are needing.

It is most important for the product to fit firmly around the legs in order to prevent urine and/or fecal leakage.

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Step Three

Choosing the Right Product

Products for Men:

There are a few products on the market that are specific to Men who experience light to moderate incontinence.

Menís Guards/Shields for Light Incontinence

These work well for men who have light to moderate leakage that cannot be contained by the unisex light pads yet the urine leakage is not heavy enough to need pull-up style protective underwear or diaper style briefs. These products absorb fluid quickly and with adhesive strips they can be put in regular underwear. Excellent choice for slight leakage or dribbles.

Menís Pads for Light to Moderate Incontinence

Available in a few different lengths, width and absorbency levels and are designed just for men and their body contours. They come in cup like shapes and are specifically designed to prevent leakage and odor and can be inserted with adhesive strips into regular underwear or Adult Briefs for extra protection.

Menís Underwear for Light to Moderate Incontinence

Custom designed to fit a man's body. Features a masculine waistband, protection where men need it most, and odor control. Brief-like leg openings designed to fit like men's underwear and help protect against side leakage.

Products for Women:

There are a few products on the market that a specific to Women who experience light to moderate incontinence.

Womenís Pads for Light to Moderate Incontinence

Womenís pads range from small pantiliners to larger shaped pads for heavier flow. They are designed specifically for incontinence. Full Length adhesive strips hold pads securely in place.

Womenís Underwear for Light to Moderate Incontinence
Get the look, fit and feel of real underwear with a sleek, ultra-smooth fit under your clothes.  Slim profiles provide great protection with a discreet fit, while the all-around leg elastics helps protect from leaks.


Products for Unisex:

The products for Heavy and Maximum Incontinence protection are typically unisex, allowing them to be worn by either men or women. Likewise, many of the shaped incontinence pads can be used by either men or women.

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Types of Incontinence Products:

Light Pads

Designed for light urine leakage that would typically leak through regular underwear and panties leaving slight wet spotting on outer clothing.

Shaped Incontinence Pads

Shaped Incontinence Pads offer a wider area of protection due to their hourglass shape therefore offering better leakage protection for moderate urinary incontinence and very light fecal incontinence.

Chux Bed Pads or Underpads

Underpads, also known as Chux Pads or Bed Pads are used as an additional layer of protection for furniture and bedding. They offer additional protection in the event of another product accidentally leaking due to long durations between changing. Chux pads are typically disposable and are discarded after usage, however their are a few good options in reusable underpads that need to be washed after usage.

Protective Underwear

Protective Underwear is a pull-up style of disposable incontinence underwear. Protective Underwear is either designed with a plastic outer layer or a cloth-like outer layer to be more discreet. They come in both Daytime and Overnight.

Daytime Underwear

Daytime underwear offers heavy protection in a pull-up style incontinence  underwear.

Overnight Underwear

Maximum/Overnight Underwear offers the maximum protection in a pull-up style incontinence underwear.

Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers are designed specifically for the size and needs of adults. They have either tape, velcro or hook tabs which you attach to enable optimum fit. Adult Diapers offer the highest level of protection of all the incontinence products due to the ability to adjust the way that they fit. They are also the most effective for individuals who are bedridden or those who cannot pull on the pull-up style protective underwear. Adult Diapers are either designed with a plastic outer layer or a cloth-like outer layer to be more discreet.

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Grades of Incontinence Products:

There are 3 categories of Incontinence Products. Retail Grade, Home Healthcare Value Grade and Healthcare Facility Grade.  

Retail Grade

What you will find at a local grocery store or pharmacy. Users are moving away from the retail grade products due to the lower quality of materials used which tend to leak easily. They do not offer sufficient skin protection and lack an adequately comfortable fit.   

Home Healthcare Value Grade

We offer both Home Healthcare Value Grade and Healthcare Facility Grade Products as we feel these are the best incontinence products for protection, value and skin health.  Home Healthcare Value Grade Products offer superior absorbency and skin protection due to their enhanced wicking technology which draws fluid away from the skin, keeping the skin drier and healthier.  In comparison to Retail Grade products, Home Healthcare Value Grade products costs are only slightly higher than their retail counterparts.  

Healthcare Facility Grade

Likewise, we offer Healthcare Facility Grade Products because they offer the highest level of incontinence leakage protection and skin protection in the industry. They have the highest quality of absorbent materials that are used along with enhanced wicking technology which draws fluid away from the skin keeping the skin drier much longer. They are only a slightly higher cost than the Home Healthcare Value Grade products. Due to offering the highest level of absorbency, Healthcare Facility Grade product customers typically use a lesser quantity of product every month. Therefore, the overall monthly cost of the products typically end up being similar to the cost of Retail Grade products.

Cost is also determined by the size of the products due to the cost of materials in manufacturing the larger sizes. For example, XXL size products will typically be more expensive than the same product in a Medium size.

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